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Why is a bridal photo session so important?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Wedding is indeed one of the best, most remembered day of our lives. We love to make it extra special. For the couple, this day is a beginning of a new life. A girl dreams of this day for a very long time. She wants it to be nothing less than perfect. For that, she makes sure that she looks her best, feels most comfortable in her hairdo, makeup and the beautiful white dress and shoes


What is a bridal photo session?

A bridal photo session is usually done a couple of days, or weeks before the actual wedding day. It has a bundle of advantages. A bride can enjoy this day with all photographer’s focus solely on her and everything that makes her look super stunning.

Let me share some highlights of the importance of a pre-wedding bridal photo session:

Preview of Wedding Day Shoot:

Just like we can preview something before a final thing like we have rehearsals of a show, same way, a pre-wedding shoot will give you a preview of your wedding day. It allows you to make those little changes that you may not have considered until you actually were able to experience it.

The hair-do, make-up, your dress’s fitting and your shoes are some of the things that you can judge. You might want to go for an open hair look rather than a close one, or visa-versa. Your shoes might hurt and you still have time to get a more comfortable and elegant pair to avoid any annoyance on the big day.

Enjoy a different location

Your big day might be planned on an exceptional location. It might be indoors in a luxurious interior with a grand setting. Just for a change, you might want your bridal photo session to be done at a more natural environment. An outdoor setting with perfect daylight photoshoot during the golden hour would give you a deep connection with mother nature.

Your photographer will make complete use of the light, all the right angles and the scenic beauty to bring out the best pictures, which will highly boost your confidence for your big day.

Although the bridal sessions a mostly for brides alone but it is not the rule of thumb so feel free to invite your groom. Nothing is better than having a person with you that is the reason for your genuine smile. These smiles will brighten up your portraits even more.

Use these special pictures:

Nothing is better than giving your wedding a personal touch with your own portrait pictures.

· You can have one large portrait at the entrance welcoming the guests.

· Use them for invites or e-invites

· Have them sent out as thank-you notes as a remembrance and gratitude towards your guest who made it.

The concept is relatively new and is gaining popularity with time.

Weddings are not only exchange of words between two people but it is a promise to live through thick and thin. We, photographers, do our best to help you and your family retain and capture those memories in the best and more creative and innovative ways.

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