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What is a Wedding Photojournalist?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Wedding Photography and Wedding Photojournalist. A wedding is one of the most precious events in one’s lifetime. It is a rare event and you want to capture all the moments from all the right angle. The pictures of this special day must be unique, outstanding and must show-off this important day.Our clients are our priority, we want the pictures to come out fantastic and distinctive for them.

There are two ways to conduct a wedding photoshoot. One is a traditional way in which the photographer would direct family, friends and couple to pose while they capture them in their cameras with the right setting. This way wedding photographer is also acting as a director with all his team helping and guiding the couple and the family to stand, pose and smile in a particular way.

There is another way to capture these precious moments and that’s where the wedding photojournalists fall in. These professionals are not just photographers, they are capturing moments as they occur. The catch the spur of the moment that is precise and quick.

Capturing the moments of the event as it happens:

Photojournalists are ready with their equipment already set up at the perfect settings to catch priceless moments without wasting any time. They know what exposures are and what lens should be used. The art of photojournalism requires one to know all the angles and positions and be an itinerant, moving far or close quickly enough, just so that any and every great moment are not missed being captured. Anticipation is the key to capturing these moments. Once the moment is about the occur the camera must be ready at all times to enclose that timeless memory.

Proximity to the Subject(s)

Distance plays a significant role. When taking wedding pictures of the celebration, it is essential that you merge but not mingle with the people. Get close enough to take these full-of-life shots of family dancing, hugging, kids playing and running around as well as the couple smiling from their hearts. It is best to use a wide-angle lens to shoot these pictures as it gives them the dimension they deserve and do not make them flat. Pictures that come out from cameras are vibrant, full of life and depicts the whole story of the wedding.

Couple Photoshoot:

A wedding photojournalist is the “fly-on-the-wall” as they want to capture the elements and the emotions of the couple that comes naturally on their wedding day. Proper natural lights or the camera flash should be good enough for them. At times they want to be directed for making different poses, standing and sitting positions with specific instructions on where to keep their eye and hand. That is great too. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what the couple prefers and what they are comfortable with.

Choosing Wedding Photojournalist!

The final product and the work of the photojournalist brings out very spontaneous yet perfect and beautiful pictures. At times some poses are funny and that is the beauty that adds happiness and joy whenever it is gone through. It commands the engagement of the viewer deep into the picture reliving those moments as he sails through each picture later in the years to come, making him relive those moments.

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