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Top 10 Engagement Photo Locations of Toronto

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

There are a lot of precious moments we would like to capture and preserve for life. They are not only priceless but they give us a memory we cherish for decades to come. A time of our lives when we are ready to start a new beginning with the love of our lives, it is a time capture and hold on to these moments.

Here are a few amazing destinations where you can treasure your engagement moments:

1. Royal Ontario Museum

The architectural beauty of this place is absolutely mind-blowing. Pictures taken here would really stand out in the background. Lovers of historic places with a touch of modern design would love this place.

2. Casa Loma

A classic integration of natural and man-made architectural beauty that can give you and your loved one exceptional posing option, showing love for each other. The building shows the rich history and is a treasured heritage of Canada. Both day and night times are epic for an exceptional photoshoot here.

3. Guildwood Park

Another breath-taking and scenic view would be of this historic park, Guildwood Park. It is an ideal place that reflects important and epic historic sculptures.

4. Distillery District:

Looking for exceptional and picturesque location, look no more, Distillery District is one of the most popular yet outstanding sites for a couple photoshoot. No wonder it is one of the most popular amongst film locations. Permission is however required to get a photoshoot.

5. Polson Pier

An exceptional and spectacular view of the downtown skyscrapers of Toronto, this site produces one of most mind-blowing and breath-taking pictures. One hour around sunset is great for a photoshoot, this place is expected to be crowded in summers.

6. Graffiti Alley / Rush Lane:

This place is great for couples who are full of life. Vibrant and radiant colours in the Graffiti Ally brings out your exciting and adventurous personality making it a unique, stand-out photoshoot that one can flaunt for years.

7. Alexander Muir Memorial Park

A beautiful depiction of nature with spectacular architecture of the 1930s. This park is filled with the natural beauty of multi-level gardens, stone staircases and beautiful ravine that give it a royal, astonishing and magnificent look.  Couples love to come here and express their everlasting love.

8. High Park

The best location for green lovers. Splendid view of cherry blossom trees is mesmerizing and a luxurious way to connect to nature at its best. Lovers find it exceptionally soothing and peaceful as if their love re-blossoms here.

9. Osgoode Hall

The architecture of the 1800s is a rare finding, especially in Toronto. Love for vintage is found deep within all of us. We admire the intricate delicate details of the architecture of those eras. Capturing your precious moments with these heritages is a unique way to pay tribute to them and to keep history alive in present.

10. Scarborough Bluffs Park

The love for the beach, where land meets water, is a love that can depict the couple’s love. The way the waves come to kiss the shore is the same way couples connect. They are always side by side holding one another, looking at each other and longing for each other.

Exceptional and breath-taking locations for engagement photoshoots from which you might not find easy to select one. However, let’s be sure that such mesmerizing locations are the pride of the city of Toronto.

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