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The Ultimate Bridal Guide 2021

Every girl dreams to be in that special white dress someday. She longs to get herself the right partner and wishes that they both live up to each other’s expectations and beyond. All this is very mesmerizing as we think about it but behind the curtains, there is a lot of hard work that goes into it. Here is how you can make it simple and special at the same time.

The Wedding Dress

The first thing that is required specifically for the bride is to get their dress finalized. A lot of designers are offering some of the most elegant whites that would make you look like a princess. However, it’s unlikely you will find a dress off the rack so expect to have alterations done. Great designers have samples that can be tried on and can give you the actual feel of how gorgeous you are looking. It is very important to try the dresses on because you can never tell how the dress will look on you just by looking at it.

Just make sure you give the designer six to nine months so that it looks perfect. There will be a trial before the final purchase to ensure that no changes are needed from the initial measurements taken by the designer, so regular follow-ups are important.

Select the Salon for Hair and Make-Up

Getting the dress is just one part of the story but you need to have the perfect hair and make-up that stands you out from the crowd. Take your time to analyze all the renowned salons in your area. Look at their work, find their Instagram and have a look at their brides, use hashtags and do your homework regarding getting the right salon for the right price. You will need a booking so make sure you book your slot way before it gets filled up, especially if your wedding is in the wedding season.

Bling with the Best Jewels

Once you are done with hair and make-up, which indeed are the toughest, you can relax a bit and go jewellery shopping. Although this is not as hectic it absorbs in a lot of your time without you even realizing it. A lot of elegant designer jewellery is available. You can go and try on the ones you like that goes with your pearly white dress and the beautiful tone of your skin. Find something that makes your amazing features stand out. You don’t want it to be in any way less than perfect. Just keep in mind that if you want something ordered then you might need to give these professionals some time, otherwise, there is plenty on the shelf that you can pick, pay and leave.


There are other things you want to have just perfect for your wedding. The flower arrangements, the décor, the lights, the music, the venue and the guests who will come to attend your big day. Most of all you want the perfect photographers to shoot your wedding pictures as these will stay with you as a memory forever. Although all this is decided with the family, the bride’s got a say right, it is her day after all.

I Hope the wedding turns out just the way or even better than you planned it.

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