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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Post Production on your photos and why it matters.

A photographer’s main expertise is displayed once his work satisfies the clients and fetches them the praise and compliments from their families and friends. Photography is a blend of art and creativity and can be very challenging no matter how much experience is involved. The real artist is the one that can bring those prints to life and that’s where post-production comes in.


All the processes that are performed on the photos after the photoshoot are post-production. It eradicates the camera’s minor faults and errors to bring out a better and more presentative picture. Photofinishing, editing, printing and presenting are part of this process. Post-production is a very important aspect as it changes the digital raw images into fine quality printed photo,making photos strikingly impressive.

Adobe Lightroom

This software gives you stunning and captivating results of your digital photos. With its non-destructive editing feature, it preserves the original portraits as well. It enhances the image quality, colour, resolution and overall illustration to make it a picture-perfect portrait. Vintage and monochrome of exceptional quality can be produced through Adobe Lightroom by your professional photographer.

Printing of Photos

All the efforts are reflected in the printed final product and that is why it is essentially important to give it valuable quality time. The printing paper matters a lot in this regard and Hahnemülehas the best inkjet printing papers. They are in this business since 1584, producing a wide range of printing papers to capture your priceless memories.

Quality of the paper can be selected from matt or glossy (shiny) paper.

Some of the major types of photo printing papers with different grams and paper quality are mentioned below:

1. Photo Matt Fibre 200

2. Photo Matt Fibre Duo 210

3. Photo Gloss Baryta 320

4. Photo Glossy 260

5. Photo Luster 260/290

6. Photo Pearl 310

7. Photo Canvas 320

All these papers are perfect and produce impeccable image prints of your all the memorable moments and make a spectacular wedding album. More details can be accessed from https://www.hahnemuehle.com/en/digital-fineart/hahnemuehle-photo.html

Dodging & Burning Tool

The right quality of light is required for all pictures to give a flawless effect. Sometimes this can be an issue for instance if shooting for a spontaneous picture to capture the spur of the moment. Here the “dodge and burn” tool comes in handy. This tool gives the pictures the perfect brightness and contrast making it more aesthetically appealing.

Dodge and burn tools are companion tools of each other in Photoshop where dodge lightens the pixels and burn does the reverse effect of darkening the selected pixels. It can turn your average looking photo into a spectacular work of art. It creates the illusion of locating light on exactly the right area of your photo to create increase or decrease the tone, richness and depths.

The Final Product: Wedding Album

Wedding Album is designed to highlight the beauty and sentiments of the day and to help preserve these exclusive images far into the future. Be it a destination wedding, a classic, traditional or contemporary style, the wedding album must be the most sincere representation of your precious and exquisite moments.

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