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Planning the photography for a destination wedding

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Wedding event is an event that is close to one’s heart. It is one of those rare moments in which we want everything to be perfect. From the intricate detailing of your designer wear, hairstyle and makeup to the significance of the venue, flower arrangement and photography, we want everything to be perfect and that is why we start planning way earlier than the actual date of the event.

As quoted by French writer, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”, and we want this super successful wedding wish to come true. That is why we need proper planning. Wedding is not a few function, but it is a dream come true and a beginning of a new chapter in your life. The quest for a professional photographer is a tough part as the particular person is going to capture each memory and make it last a life time. When it comes to destination photography, we need the experts to make proper planning prior to the event.

Pre-Production Task

Selection of the venue for photoshoot, preparation of the necessary equipment, and preparation to keep back-up of all data are a few tasks that should be done before hand. Making sure the camera is on right settings, charging all the equipment and being extremely punctual are at-the-moment-priorities.

Destination Wedding

Preparing for a destination wedding can be both exciting and challenging for the photographers. Therefore, you will have to hire the experts. The art is in using all the angles, and the natural light along with creativity with the couple. All these together is sure to make your wedding, an event of lifetime. It is important to keep visit the location prior to the event and plan out great angles and time of the day to have the best light.

Location Scouting

The perfect solo portraits, couple pictures and family or group pictures usually are the one with a great background and perfect light. Although both can be produced but if both are natural then nothing like it. This is the time when you need proper location scouting if the photoshoot is to be conducted outside the studio. Make sure you check the following from before:

- Ease of access for all

- Budget friendly

- Perfect Lighting

- Availability of Power

- Area of the place

After looking into these the photographer can recommend relevant options to the couple, according to they preferences, for the wedding day. This can include inputs from the location manager, location scouts and the photography director who can provide valuable ideas as they have experience of traveling and visiting several locations around the world.

Photography in Destination Wedding

It is always a good idea to get a complete package of pre and post-production services for the destination wedding package. A great idea to hire a photojournalist to capture the virtual story of the couple for the precious moments of their wedding.

A perfect preplanned wedding can make the big event more organized and cheerful and relaxed resulting in acquiring the best portraits at your selected destination.

Feel free to get your hands on the experts and let them do their job while you enjoy your big day.

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