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How to put together a photo essay of your wedding photos

Our lives are made up of stories. All interconnected to each other. A lot of these are cheerful moments filled with joy and happiness, and we just try to capture everything in our phones as well all carry these smart devices with us. We want our pictures to be unique and Instagram worthy.

Coming to the most worthwhile stories of our lives are related to the beginning of the new chapter, and the best moment to create that as an everlasting visual memory that you can show your family, friends and also hang it on your wall. These magical moments of falling in love at first sight to getting to know your better half and finally coming close enough to tie the knot and start a family together.

Everyone has a unique story, filled with love, emotion and at times a lot of drama. Capturing these moments and displaying it in a proper form will bring life to the canvas and these images will speak the thousand-word story that you want to tell the world. As we know “pictures are worth a thousand words”.

Photo Essay

The art of displaying images of the wedding or engagement day that express a clear story of the couple from beginning to date, or else specified by the couple. They might or might not carry captions. These illustrations are detailed enough to express the story.

A perfect wedding package with a photo essay gives you a chance to save your best memories on your big day and show the family, friends and children who are eager to learn the fact that “how did you both meet?” It is always wise to get this included in the package to save you from the trouble of repeating the story every now and then. The best part about this is, even years down the lane, you will look back and revive and cherish these beautiful memories.

A skillful photographer will use around ten or so photos and build up a photo essay. His expertise and creativity would convey devotion and love you have for your better half.

Making a Perfect Photo Essay

The art of making a perfect photoshoot by your hired professional photographer can have an impact on your overall wedding album and kind of stands out as it is not the usual ordinary collection of pictures, it is an account of an integral part of the bride and the groom. These steps below ensure a perfect result for an outstanding photo essay:

1. Collect pictures of major timeline events and milestones

2. Use your skills edit them and bring out the best ones

3. Select the best ones

4. Arrange them in order (Chronological recommended)

5. Add captions (optional)

6. Compile and give final touches.

In the end, the photo essay is the story of two love birds and it would not be complete until and unless the love birds approve of each photograph, their order and approve the theme of the display. After all, they are the one who’s satisfaction level matters the most.

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