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Family Photoshoot

There are so many moments in life you wish you can live forever but, we all know that it is quite impossible to do so. However, there is a way to experience the same feelings of love and gratitude of having lived those moments with your loved ones.

The best location for Natural Light:

You would be amazed once you realize what an awesome visual feast Toronto is. The sparkling skyscrapers, glistening waters of Lake Ontario, and the ever-green parks of Allan Gardens, Trinity Bellwoods Park, and the Toronto Music Garden. These are just a few out of the infinite natural light and Instagram-worthy spots for a perfect family photoshoot.

In general, best places to take pictures are lush green parks, farms (if you are fond of animals), near the glowing water bodies, glorious buildings with stunning architecture, and urban street art with unique and captivating monuments.

Best time to Capture your Special Moments!

An hour or an hour and a half before the sun starts setting is the best time for shooting in daylight. The Golden Hour, as we call it in our professional world, is the best time of the day to capture the beautiful moments in the natural light. It is the time of the day when the harsh sunlight is over and the day begins to give a more subtle and cool effect that brings out the best colours of you, your family, your pet and your accessories as well.

Colours to be Worn to Bring out the Best in You:

You might be surprised to know the effect colours have on the pictures. When you plan a photoshoot to capture the moments make sure to discuss your attire with your professional photographer to get the most exceptional saved memories of the times that will never come back once gone.

Neutral colours like white, beige, khaki, ivory and shades of brown are great colour tones to select for your outfit. If you want to add more colours then preference should be made on lighter shades like lilac, mauve, light cyan, aquamarine, lemon, baby pink, sky blue, misty red and those that you can select for perfect results.

Is it worth it:

We only live once but why can’t our memories last for eternity. A day that has passed can never be relived but it can be enlightened up in the sea of memories we have with us for years to come. Many such events that mark the milestones in our lives can leave us in great regret if we do not capture them on film, so better to have them in our collection of ever-lasting moments.

Let us look at a few such events:

· The day of your college graduation marks the bridge between your educational life and the beginning of your career.

· Moments with the love of your life, be it a proposal, engagement or wedding are important days that mark stepping into a new life with a new partner and will be cherished for decades to come.

· Events like anniversaries and birthdays are special and could bring enticing surprises for the whole family.

· As start a family and want to celebrate every moment from baby bump to the milestones your newborn starts to cover especially in the first years of their lives.

· Lastly, never forget to celebrate lifetime achievement. A promotion, a new car and most importantly a new house to live in.

You can be at ease as we capture your moment of ultimate joy and happiness and turn it into a memory to be cherished for the rest of your life.