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How to Pose in Front of Camera

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Engage your Core and Shoulder Muscles:

First of all, you need to engage your core. Tighten your stomach muscles just enough to make abs even if you do not have, do it for a better click. At the same time pull your shoulders back and relax them. Make sure you don’t tighten them too much, just back enough so that your posture looks good and you look confident and radiant. These two steps make sure that you are not slouching which does not help bring out a good picture.

Position your Arms and Legs:

Your limbs are your asset, use it wisely to flaunt your body. Moving the arms away from the body will make your posture look much better. Similarly, squishing anything to your body will make it look bigger. The best way is to tilt your arm away from your body like raising them towards your face or just moving the elbows out as you put your hands in your pocket. As for legs, while standing a cross-ankle position works best for all but even if you are not comfortable then bend a knee a bit and tilt the body at an angle at the hip.

Standing at an Angle:

A 45°angle works best for all. Twist to a side and put your weight one side and create a pose that shows more of your physical features, cuts and curves. Some people look great straight as well but it is always best to give some action to these stills.

Face and smile:

It is also a fantastic idea to take out time to look into the mirror or the selfie camera to see your best smiles and angles and if possible memorize these and use them.

Some people also have a preferred side of their face that they want to highlight more, use it if you also have a preferred side.

Posing at Couple:

When it comes to couples, wonders can be done to get the most of this photoshoot. Standing side by side with arms behind each other or at a distance holding hands watching the sunset, are great captures. Stacking poses are awesome too with one behind the other holding each other.

There is so much creativity you can add into this with different eye positions, for both of them. Remember, the best pictures come when the couple is relaxed and that is our job as photographers to make you feel at ease.

Forget about the Camera

The simplest rule of getting the best pictures is to forget that you are under the camera’s eye. Show your natural side while practising a better posture with shoulders upright and tummy in and you will get the best results.

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