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Great locations mean great light but what matters most is you

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

A photograph is a two-dimensional box which is representing a three-dimensional world and composing your photograph means placing the elements of your image in a way that it canconvey a story to the viewer. A few things that you need to focus to get great pictures are explained below.

Camera Settings:

A photographer should have mastered the technical settings like the exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance etc. Exposure shows how light or dark the image should be as it means light per unit area. Aperture refers to the opening of the lens. A smaller aperture is good for landscape photography but we need a wide aperture if we want to focus on a subject, as it separates the background from the subject, making them the highlight of the photograph. Lower ISO will give you sharp images. Higher shutter speed is best to use for taking pictures in motion, to avoid getting blurry images.

Location and Light:

The best locations are natural sights. A picture taken in a natural, scenic environment is absolutely a stand out portrait than the ones taken inside the studios. Having said that, the photos taken in a non-natural environment are great too. If great care is taken at the composition of the photograph focusing on good light especially taking advantage of the golden hour, the results can be epic.


A few techniques of composition can help achieve great pictures. Like making a grid of 3 by 3 and keeping subject inone of the 4 intersection points works great other than keeping them right in the centre. Even though sometimes centre works best if the image has a depth of symmetry. Another way is to add some foreground picture that transcends up to the background and where the subject is just as important. Using different angles and positioning subject so that the image expresses not only a picture but a whole story behind it.

The Subject: YOU

There is no point in taking a picture where your subject isn’t being prominent. We, as professionals always keep you at priority. We are there to make you feel comfortable in the place you choose either natural one with the natural light of the golden hour which is highly recommended or at a place of your choice at your hour. Using our techniques, creativity and technical knowledge of the camera, we want to provide you with the best possible outcomes of your solo portraits or your couple photoshoot.

There are a lot of different angles, model-eye placement, lights, depth of the picture using the exposure and ISO that will give us the best pictures. We also take a lot of pictures just to get that best shot. Using the sun at different angles, like coming through the trees and peeking from behind the hair, or near the water body that it reflects the light perfectly.

All these are important to get the pictures perfect and in all this what matters most is the person in the picture, you. Our goal is to make you content, happy and even excited with our work that is: “your pictures”.

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