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7 Ways to Get Your Engagement Photos To The Next Level

Updated: Apr 19

It’s so important to get engagement photos that capture who you are as a couple. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these photos should tell a story and be the beginning of many great memories of your engagement. If you are wondering how to get the best engagement photos, here are some ideas that we have compiled for you.

1. Time of year

Each season has different characteristics and colours that make each unique. It's important to choose a season that makes you comfortable and that reflects you both as a couple. I really want to do a singing in the rain session sometime! April showers bring May flowers. :) I wonder what April snow brings?

2. Choosing a location

Some locations can be very difficult to work with because of large crowds, restrictions, permits, hard to access locations, or that are dangerous. For popular photo locations it's best to go on a day that's usually slow to avoid big crowds. The location chosen will also determine when the light is best. For example, down by the beach the best time to go is two hours before sunset and hope for clear skies. Going to a restaurant just after lunch is a great time because the restaurants are usually slower, and the light is softer.

3. Lighting

Natural light at different times of day changes not only in intensity but also colour. For example, a very cloudy day will give you a blue hue where a sun setting will give you a warmer hue. Couples often say to me those cloudy days are great for weddings because the light is even. Which is totally true, but sunny days or partly cloudy days can be very interesting as well - it just takes more experience to understand how to work with harsh light. Subtle changes in your poses can also make a huge difference in how the light impacts the image. Tilting your head an inch to the left can ruin a photo where tilting your head an inch to the right can make the photo. The team at Matt Green Photography knows how to overcome these challenges in different and complex lighting situations.

4. Take time to enjoy the moment and your surroundings

Do activities that relate to your personality and being together. Be silly and make each other laugh or gaze romantically at each other depending on the mood of the photo you're going for that day. For example, if you both like to ski, take some skiing photos. Or if you love cooking together and have a favourite recipe, incorporate that into the photoshoot. Also, if you can manage to have a relaxed conversation while walking around and being a bit playful with each other it will help you feel comfortable. This will help your photographer capture photos with genuine expressions.

5. Post-production

Work can be done on your photos after the shoot to help your photos look real but fixes any out of place hairs or blemishes. It can also turn the background into something more appealing. I've turned a stray "extra" into a shrub on more than one occasion!

6. Opportunity for hair and make up

Getting hair and makeup done for an engagement photo session can make a bride feel more confident on her wedding day. It gives the couple a chance to tweak their look and help take their engagement photos to the next level. However, this is not required to take great photos. It just depends what type of look you want.

7. Wall Collage

Print out your favourite photos and hang them on the wall! I cannot stress this enough - I really want to add multiple exclamation points to that! Don't just keep them sitting on a flash drive somewhere. It's so nice to be able to share these with each other and see them every day.

Engagement photos are not supposed to be posed, fake, or stiff. They are meant to reflect the real you, and show your spontaneity, personality, and feelings for one another. Take your time, have fun with your photographer, get creative, and make it special.

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