Matt Green photography is a depiction of absolute perfection and professionalism. We believe in making your special day beautiful by adding art and meaning to it. We love to capture the aesthetics of an event, scenery, and people. We take pride in representing the honest emotions of two people in pictures. You can confide in us for your big and special day.

Matt Green is based in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario. Matt started at the young age of 16 as an assistant at a photography studio. His passion and enthusiasm for photography was unstoppable and he started his professional career in photography ever since. He aims to travel the world and capture emotions and sentiments of every race and culture. With an intense love for landscape photography, Matt has photographed over 300 weddings. He has traveled to Banff, DR, Mexico, US, and Chile to make weddings more magical through his photography.

Matt is hardworking and a digital perfectionist. Over the years, his creativity has found unmatched levels and his attention to details is what makes him stand out. He has created this platform to make people aware of his exceptional talents and offer his services to anyone who wants to believe in the charm of photos.


Worldwide Service

The best part about Matt Green Photography is that we provide services worldwide. We have a team of professionals that strive hard in capturing the reality perfectly. Our digital perfection can reach any area in the world.


Engaged Couple Photography

Being engaged is one of the most beautiful feelings ever. Store those memories with our exceptional photography services. If you are planning a wedding soon and want to capture it for the generations to come, then hire us now to make that happen. We are experts in creating fascinating and creative frames and angles for the couple so that they can cherish their togetherness forever.


Wedding Photography

If you are having a wedding soon, then you must not compromise on the photographer. Everything could be perfect and an amateur photographer can mess the entire event. You need to tell the world and generations to come the story of your special day exactly as it was. We do not stage direct but let the candidness flow so that everyone can be themselves and enjoy the moments. We can capture the happiness of the instant for you. Let us find the art and perfection in your special day. Since our clients are very important to us, we have made our services affordable so that you can get the best wedding photography without putting a strain on your budget.



We offer special photography services for portraits. We can help you complete that special wall of photos at your house with a big classic portrait of your family. The poses, the interaction, the candidness, you can leave all of that to us and enjoy a joyful time with your family while getting a portrait.